Equity financing

Equity financing

Equity financing means issuing new shares or offering existing shares for sale on the capital market. In the first case the company receives new resources from the capital increase while in the second case the existing shareholders make profit by selling their shares on the stock exchange. Public offering of shares is appropriate for companies with established market positions that have clear vision about their development and want to raise funds for the strategic development of the company or for current investment projects.

Advantages of Еquity Financing:

  • It ensures significant capital resources which remain in the company and would not be paid off;
  • It provides opportunity for financing the company's operations in a manner other than debt financing;
  • It provides opportunity to the present shareholders to sell a part of their business without changing the general strategy for the company development.

We offer the following financing services related to offering equity securities:

  • financial consulting and investment intermediation for initial and secondary public offering of equity instruments and capital increase;
  • investment mediation upon listing of equity instruments for trading on a regulated market (Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia);
  • investment mediation for incorporation and licensing of REITs;
  • investment mediation for public offerings and shares repurchasing;

Equity issue procedure:

  • market research and consultation for structuring the issue of securities;
  • formulation of the offering strategy;
  • analysis and assessment of the company;
  • drawing up of Prospectus/ Information Memorandum of the issue;
  • communication with the Financial Supervision Commission upon confirmation of the Prospectus;
  • interaction with the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and Central Depository for issue registration and the capital increase procedure;
  • issue marketing and placement;
  • registration of the securities at the Central Depository;
  • registration of the securities and the company as an issuer with the Financial Supervision Commission;
  • registration of securities for trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange

In the period 2003 - 2015 DV Invest has placed total of 15 equity issues amounting to EUR 87.789 million

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